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Staff: Leadership

Staff and Leadership

Get to know our church leadership team.


Mark Walker

Interim Senior Pastor

Mark earned his bachelor's of science degree in Christian Education from Welch College in 1989. He served in churches across the south east, and after serving our church as youth minister from 1998-2009 and music minister from 2009-2020. 


He is currently filling the role of senior pastor - preaching on Sunday's, maintaining and growing relationships with our congregation, and keeping things light with his signature laid back attitude.

Kevin Stox

Youth & Children's Pastor

Kevin graduated from Welch College in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Youth Ministry and Christian Education. He assisted with many youth ministry programs over the years and served as a full time Family Pastor in Virginia for 5 years.


Kevin began serving with us in November 2021, and he and his wife Ellen have been such a blessing to us already. They love our kids and teenagers and we are lucky to have them. If you want to get to know them, start any conversation with Kevin with a reference to sports or Marvel. And if you have a few hours to spare, mention the new Taylor Swift album to Ellen!


Tisha Glover

Church Secretary

Tisha grew up here at First Free Will Baptist Church, and has been an assistant at the church since 1984. With no exaggeration, we could not keep this church running without her. She cares deeply about everyone she interacts with, and loves to love people. 

"Just call Tisha" is a phrase you will hear often around here. 

Venescia Knight


Venescia has been a faithful member of First Free Will for many years, and her dedication to this churched is matched by few. As our treasurer, she handles God's money, and that is a responsibility  she takes very seriously. 

While she may be a serious steward, she is a kind and tender servant. Listen to her talk about the people she serves in this church and that will become quite clear. 


Sherry McCleod

Financial Secretary

If a southern drawl warms your heart, you're going to love Ms. Sherry! After a lot of years serving this church, Sherry shows no signs of slowing down. Her list of responsibilities is long, and we certainly can't fit it all here. 

Just know, if you have a question about your designated giving or you just want to hear a few more syllables added to your name, come by and see Sherry. She'll take care of you!

Julius Mosley


Since  2001, Julius has been a friend and servant to our church. He maintains our facilities and keeps the church building clean and ready for ministry.


Kindness, care, Christ-like, humble, gracious - these are a few words that come to mind when thinking of Mr. Julius. Most bad moods won't survive a conversation with him, that's for sure.

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